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Green King - Vegetable & Fruit Decontaminant

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Our very unique vegetable and fruit decontaminant has especially been formulated by the experts themselves – Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology (IPFT) under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India.

All the ingredients used in our vegetable and fruit disinfectant are 100% food-grade. The different bio cleansers work to neutralise the insecticides and pesticides on the produce and effectively remove them, and the Neem/Indian lilac and turmeric act as natural disinfectants thus removing the other germs, bacteria, and viruses. 

This is a NABL-accredited laboratory that has formulated it to remove wax, chemicals, and artificial dyes along with all germs and viruses effectively, and is definitely one of a kind. Help make your fruits and vegetables as good as organic in an easy and affordable way.

Now wash away pesticides and germs from your farm produce with our eco friendly solution!

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  • Bio cleansers
  • Neem extracts
  • Turmeric extracts
  • Biodegradable and food-grade preservative
  • Baking soda
    Choose Green King, a food-grade and safe-to-use vegetable decontaminant, guaranteeing your produce& Experience the ultimate in fruit care with Green King – a 100% organic fruit disinfectant for guaranteed health and safety. Green King Vegetable Decontaminant ensures pure, safe produce, a reliable choice for your family’s health and safety. Green King, formulated by the experts at Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology, is an NABL accredited disinfectant ensuring good health and safety. Opt for health assurance with Green King – an NABL accredited formula, formulated by pesticide experts for optimal safety. Green King Vegetable Disinfectant, crafted by experts, ensures pure produce, removing harmful elements for a health-conscious and safe culinary experience. Green King, by IPFT experts, is a 100% organic fruit disinfectant, removing germs for ultimate health and safety. Safeguard your health with Green King – a fruit disinfectant removing harmful bacteria and viruses for optimal health assurance.



    Such strong floral scent, works as room freshener and works well in all stains and dirty. Very easy to use.

    Sanjana Chauhan

    My favourite part about this one is that I can use it on all types of flooring and no damage, even marble. Leave a subtle nice fragrance in the air and shiny floors. Wish they sold bigger packs too though for bulk buyers

    Sanjana Chauhan 


    I don’t mean to rave but this dishwashing liquid is magic and god sent. It’s sooo good, hard on the toughest of stains but my hands feel fine and what a beautiful fragrance combo! Half price deals have me shopping even for things I don’t need. Can’t wait to try other products. Will post feedback on my IG page too.

    Pearl Singhania


    No way of finding if products like these actually work but this one proved me wrong, tested them on several fruits and veggies, witnesses artificial colour and wax come off some apples and strawberries. Love that it can be used on meat as well with no after taste or smell.

    Jun Notman 


    Never have I ever avenged smelled something so nice in my life, mages my kitchen smell so fresh and floral. Very effective on kitchen stains and leaves everything spotless with no residue.

    Sanjana Chauhan


    Very effective degreaser and a great range of fragrances with this one being my fav though.

    Jun Notman


    This is such a great product and at a great price! I’ve used it on everything fabric in my house and closet, just ordered another two bottles since it’s at half price. Love the fresh laundry fragrance and my clothes will last longer now hopefully.

    Pearl Singhania


    This one is an absolute must for everyone especially in times like the pandemic. The smell is so breathtaking, very unique.

    Sanjana Chauhan 


    Some times I feel I buy all Hygenia products for it’s pretty packaging and aesthetic vibes. Such a smooth, non drying sanitizer with citrus notes. One of the free good ones I’ve used. You can tell I’ma fan from all my reviews lol.

    Sanjana Chauhan


    Absolutely love their range of products and the hand wash has been just as good. Love that this doesn’t dry my hands out and the refreshing fragrance is cherry on top!

    Jun Notman


    The fragrance was very lemony and strong which most people like but I like more floral scents. The hand wash in itself was pretty amazing, little goes a long way and skin feels better than dettol and others.

    Sanjana Chauhan


    I’m smitten by the combination of essential oils in this one, it’s everything you don’t expect from a disinfectant and more and in a good way too! Highly recommended.

    Jun Notman