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Season Of Spring Cleaning Is Here: Tips For Pregnant Women

Story: Becoming pregnant is a joyous moment for a lot of women but with it comes a long list of dos and don’ts. It is about what you eat, how you move and one of the most underrated activities – how you clean. Cleaning the house is a daily activity and it does not stop for anyone but how you clean and what you use to clean matters, especially when you are pregnant.  

Most women would already be aware of the harmful chemicals and toxic fumes found in the traditional household cleaners but what they are not aware of is how harmful it could be for them as well as their babies. A developing baby is always vulnerable and at risk with harsh chemicals as a normal part of our daily lives. Some of the ingredients such as phthalates, bleach and aerosol spray products should be avoided at all costs as it can have long-term health effects on your unborn baby as well as you. One can always make cleaners at home with safe ingredients but DIY is probably not a priority when pregnant. Lucky for us, green cleaners are on the rise and there are a lot of brands that are now manufacturing plant-powered, safe cleaners, some even with essential oils that a lot of pregnant women could find calming.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for safe cleaning when pregnant:-

  1. Avoid breathing in fumes
  2. Use sustainable, green cleaners
  3. Wear gloves when cleaning
  4. Avoid irritable cleaners
  5. Always clean in well-ventilated surroundings
  6. Do not mix your cleaners. EVER!
  7. Always follow the instructions on the packaging
  8. If and when possible, let someone else help you clean

Safe cleaning is something that needs to be promoted more in general but a lot of women are unaware of the risks involved and what better way to spread awareness than talk about it. Cleaning is not harmful but precautions need to be taken just like in any other activities involved. In fact, most doctors do not even feel the need to discuss this because it is absolutely okay to indulge in cleaning as long as the essential precautions are taken, your cleaning supplies are safe and you don’t overstrain yourself physically.

You should be cautious about what you touch, what you eat, how you exercise and a lot of other things, and cleaning just happens to be one of them. Always look at the ingredients of the household cleaners you purchase and don’t be afraid to question anything when in doubt. There is no need to completely dodge cleaning while pregnant but it is always recommended to look up the ingredients that need to be avoided for a safer environment for both you and your little bundle of joy.

We all know the saying “better safe than sorry” and it has never been truer than now. Happy safe cleaning, ladies!

The article is authored by Nidhi Ojha, co-founder Premium Bionaturals