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How to dispose off home waste in an eco-friendly way

In today’s day and age, sustainability is trending and we firmly believe any kind of attention towards this particular subject is always a positive thing. Whether people follow it to stay updated with the latest trends or they do it because they are informed enough to realize the consequences of their actions, the main goal is to have as many people aware of the issues and help them understand how to prevent these issues. 

One of these issues is the way people dispose off their waste or rubbish at home and below are some ways to help dispose the waste in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner:-

  • Recycle. Learn to identify the recycle logo on products and make sure you do not dispose the recyclables with general waste. Look up your local plastic disposal or glass disposal to make sure everything is taken care of in the correct manner and prevent it from going to general waste or landfills.
  • Reuse. This one is probably the easiest way as most items we buy can be reused in some way or the other. Try and purchase products that have multiple uses such as cloth shopping bags or reusing soda/fizzy drink bottles as water bottles. Get creative!
  • Compost. Everyone should learn composting, it is good for both your garden as well as the environment. Instead of throwing your greens, treat it in a small container for two weeks with something woody and shred away to come up with some natural garden fuel.
  • Separate waste. Always separate your waste, learn to identify rubbish that is hazardous such as paints, bulbs etc. from general waste.
  • Purchase wisely. Make informed decisions before buying anything such as buying food with minimal packaging, donating things you do not need, not buying single use plastic and the list can go on forever. 
  • Vocal for local. Shop from your local communities, farmer’s markets, and products made locally. Shopping local manufactured products means a lower carbon footprint as it requires less transportation. Another effective way of supporting the local community is shopping at farmer’s market. Not only do you get fresh produce at a lower price but you also support the local farmers that are responsible for making that fresh produce available for you.
  • Go digital. Avoid paper or physical receipts and opt for digital invoices instead. This goes without saying how much paper is wasted and can be prevented in this manner if everyone understood the impact it has on our planet.

There are many other ways to prevent harm to our environment because of our poor and somewhat selfish judgements on the way we live our lives but it is never too late make the switch, the switch to the right side of the solution. It will not happen overnight, it will definitely not be easy but it is not entirely impossible. So why not start small and in the safety of your own home, the change will be worth it.